Saturday, August 4, 2012

Art of writing…

Art of writing…it had been long time since the last time I’ve updated my journey…actually not much to wrote but since I coming back from my practical, my life came sort of miserable until now…life, study, religious aspect, money, tasking, assignment, last year project, all of them still not in track... and all of these are not really me.
Actually this is my second blog after I’ve deleted my first one that full of my story since my first year in UPNM, the reason I’ve deleted it because some sort of things in that blog are not for everybody to read it. So now is time for me in the business to continue what I had done before but in a right way… not to make the same mistake like before.
What I had mention before my life was going miserable since I had coming back from my practical, so I think that’s it! It is the time for me to move on! To have a better life! So tomorrow is the day that I set to start my changes…let sees if ever I make it or not...
This time nothing much to share about so I think I need to stop here and really hope tomorrow will be my day and I’ll keep writing as it helps me a lot to improve my skill. And hope the readers can support me…
lukashi shikamiku
30 March 2012(2354H)

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