Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aim that only comes with determination will be useless actually. Yesterday I said that today will be my day but yet still the same…useless day of my life…everything that happen today was going as before everyday doing a mundane activity for the whole day! So here comes with new strategy! My plan is want to mix up the determination and the resolution. Sound like it was in early year right? Everybody keeps talking about their resolution but for me, today is my new year…3 months behind in the year of 2012 such a waste for me.

My determination was want to make the next day is my day, what I mean is trying hard to get back my normal life. So the aim is still the same but now I’m trying to mix it with the resolution that came across my mind.

lukashi shikamiku
1st April 2012(2303H)

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