Saturday, August 4, 2012


From one strategy move to another strategy…talking about aim, resolution, destination, determination and so on but all of these things are useless for me. Now I’m 23 years old and I can say that until now my life always in a moderate level not too in high ranking but not to be the lowest. The reason why I’m telling about these things because I was really envy to some of the person that always can be the best in what they are doing. I know there was not anyone false but 100 percent are because of my attitude. Some rumors said that our attitude is come from our house which means how our parents entertain us from the beginning. If that were true, why both of my sisters manage to be the top of what they are doing and lead to a good life. So it is totally come to me.

Actually I think one of my biggest problem is I cannot do what I’m saying. I said, wrote my resolution but lastly it turns to my mundane life again. Then the second things are I am too arrogant with myself. Sounds weird, wright? I am just a medium type person but feeling myself are the best of the best. What a shame on you!

Everyday I’m trying to figure out my problem and try to find a way to solve my problem and lastly I jot it down either on a piece of paper or on my notebook or worst case scenario, I jot it here. But what I’m doing for action? Nothing!!! Maybe for the first, two or three days I am being a positive person and pacing toward success but then…come back to my old life!

So that is why in Islam, it put the values of Istiqamah which means continuing or all the positive deeds that you do, must be in your attitude not just write it and at last the product is nothing, just same like before or maybe worsen! So after this my core value of my life is ISTIQAMAH! And will try my best to apply it for the future.

lukashi shikamiku
5th Aug 2012(0136H)

Aim that only comes with determination will be useless actually. Yesterday I said that today will be my day but yet still the same…useless day of my life…everything that happen today was going as before everyday doing a mundane activity for the whole day! So here comes with new strategy! My plan is want to mix up the determination and the resolution. Sound like it was in early year right? Everybody keeps talking about their resolution but for me, today is my new year…3 months behind in the year of 2012 such a waste for me.

My determination was want to make the next day is my day, what I mean is trying hard to get back my normal life. So the aim is still the same but now I’m trying to mix it with the resolution that came across my mind.

lukashi shikamiku
1st April 2012(2303H)

Art of writing…

Art of writing…it had been long time since the last time I’ve updated my journey…actually not much to wrote but since I coming back from my practical, my life came sort of miserable until now…life, study, religious aspect, money, tasking, assignment, last year project, all of them still not in track... and all of these are not really me.
Actually this is my second blog after I’ve deleted my first one that full of my story since my first year in UPNM, the reason I’ve deleted it because some sort of things in that blog are not for everybody to read it. So now is time for me in the business to continue what I had done before but in a right way… not to make the same mistake like before.
What I had mention before my life was going miserable since I had coming back from my practical, so I think that’s it! It is the time for me to move on! To have a better life! So tomorrow is the day that I set to start my changes…let sees if ever I make it or not...
This time nothing much to share about so I think I need to stop here and really hope tomorrow will be my day and I’ll keep writing as it helps me a lot to improve my skill. And hope the readers can support me…
lukashi shikamiku
30 March 2012(2354H)