Sunday, March 11, 2012

trying hard to figure out something....

It is hard to say actually but these things keep bothering me all the time start from the day I came back to my campus after 6 month finished up my practical semester. I feel something wrong, it is not like i used to feel when i was in first and second year. Actually this is the last semester for my undergraduate program and i don't know what matter with me is. I fell like my life was not complete and yet had strange feelings like I was in my foundation year! Maybe because I keep worrying what will happen to me after this? 

There are two things that really came across my mind all the time. First, am i going to finish my study this semester? And the second thing is what will happen to me after this, i mean after I’m stepping out from this university. yes i really aware what is my job after this and i had get full of exposure during my practical but the question is along my life, if ever i can make my life to be what i want, lead to a beautiful life. 

Maybe this is because i influenced with the movies I've been watching lately but i really hope one day at least i can get what i desire so much!