Saturday, August 1, 2015

Returned back after a long time....

How do I look? Hahahah....actually this when I am facing with mundane time during my stay in Labuan. Actually my day here always nothing. My routine just working here....and never have a social life... Labuan is not my place. How I wish to be transferred to a better place that I can focused on my job also with my social life. What I endure to do are new things like go to new see new experience but in Labuan nothing I can do. As i had done nothing so i really don't know what to story about but i really hope that I'll be transferred to a new and better place in the future.... insyallah.....Amiiinnn....pls do pray for me.

Lukashi shikamiku
1st August  2015 (2130H)

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