Saturday, March 23, 2013

Patah Seribu Hatiku....

Shelia Hamzah....why all these sudden? hahaahha...just nothing....coming in this morning, one of my friend had played this song through his laptop. Nice song to hear just meet my sad feelings trough these days... :(

Guess what? I am still giving opportunity to breathe this morning air...i mean i am still living on after going through mundane day had passed yesterday. Alhamdulillah. Today i am still in not quite good mood, feeling that why do i need to be here... it seems like i lost hope. It's because before this, i still have friends, can talk to after having stress situation with the organization. But then, what happen to me back days, now i am alone in this world.

So be it. Looks like, I need to reprogram my life so that I am fit in this situation. The best lesson learns is not too relying to our friends. Yes, sometimes there have a situation that we need them, but also when they do some sort of shit things, it come to this give me a days of miserable feelings! 

But never mind. Some good news that i get today is i am allowed to go for my outing today. So i will use this time to refresh my bad day yesterday....need to go now...adios....

lukashi shikamiku
                                                                             23rd March 2013(0136H)

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