Sunday, January 8, 2012

start a new life...

After a quite long time, soo many things happen to me that makes me to live my life better than before. For the time being, I really happy with the changes that happen to my life right now. I see the life I different way than before. This credit to all ship company of KD Jebat that gives me opportunity to be a part of you, even though only for a short time. Currently just waiting for a call from someone and this is a trying writing for my new blog, just like welcome back writing from me. Anyhow, I really hope all the readers can give a comment and ideas on how I create my writing as I really afraid if something in my blog will effect to some organization, or personnel. So all of you are welcome to be a judge for my blog, that will ensure me to write a very good article for all readers.  

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